Why QR Codes are better
than barcodes ?

Let us show you what it means to have a QR Code

You are probably a shipping and logistics company

And your services require you to manage the flow of goods.

So you try your best to ensure that the goods you handle, are transported from the point of origin to destination safely.

It could be for either individual customers or for businesses. Or any such consumer.


Here are four reasons to do it:

Reason 1

Information storage Capacity

Just like barcodes, QR Codes store information. But they do not store just limited information. In fact, a QR Code can store up to 7,089 numeric or 2,953 alphanumeric characters.

That means you can store a lot of information in a QR Code. And besides only numbers or serial codes, it even allows you to store text, website links, and multimedia content (such as images and videos).

So you no longer need to be worried about the limited storage capacity while encoding content.

Reason 2

Ability to Resist

While in transit, goods are subjected to a lot of wear and tear or even dirt. And that often damages the barcode labels stuck on them.

Once damaged, these labels do not scan well, right? Well, that is not the case with QR Codes.

They can easily sustain up to 30% damage and still scan perfectly well. This is because QR Codes have the property of error correction. It adds rows and columns of data to the QR Code to make it scannable even after damage.

Reason 3


As a shipping or logistics company, you ship a wide variety of goods. They could range from large containers to tiny microchips.

But the question is—how do you track such tiny goods?

With QR Codes. Yes, in a given area, a QR Code stores much more information than a barcode.

Hence, it can be effectively used for both large and small products equally well.

Reason 4


To scan the barcode, they need a barcode scanner. Plus, they need to hold the scanner in a characteristic manner and scan the barcodes. This is because they can only be scanned from left to right. But you do not need to do it to scan a QR Code.

Yes, QR Codes can be scanned in any direction. Unlike barcodes that have unidirectional scannability, QR Codes are 306 degrees scannable.

And you do not need a handheld scanner to scan a QR Code. Your smartphone is all that you need. Simply open your phone’s camera or QR Code scanning application. And hold your phone in front of the QR Code


Easily scannable with a smartphone and enhance your services to cater to your customers better.

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