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Branch Report
Business Detailed report

We can view overall detail for LRs like Trip date, LR Number, OGPL, Origin, destination, GST details and Vehicle Number details

Cargo Edit report

This report is used to check which LR has been edited or modified.

Consolidated Payment report

User can view Branch wise Outstanding payable amount, Rejected pending payable and final Outstanding payable.

Branch due report

Branch due report means we can view all branches pending LR payments

Pending LR dispatch report

We can view list of booked LR which are waiting to loaded.

Dispatch efficiency report

Based on the Scheduled time of Departure & arrival, we can get the actual Arrival & departure efficiency.

Branch stock report

User can view pending loading, pending unloading, pending delivery, and Inwards reports.

Branch Revenue report

We can view the particular branch overall revenue amount which invcludes Payment, Commision & charges

Pending LR delivery report

We can view list of unloaded LR which are waiting for make delivery.

Payment & Collection
User Booking and Delivery Detailed Report

User wise booking and delivery report is used to view current users LR counts and payable amounts except commission part.

My transaction report

Based on user booking/cancel, their closing balance will be updated along with their commissions.

Payment Statement Report

We can view opening and closing balance same like my transaction report with daywise summary.

Branch Payment outstanding report

User can view outstanding amount wise report for particular branch.

Payment collection report

Based on voucher and recharge update we can view the payment mode.

User Balance report

If any user having limit based booking we can view current and available balance for the particular user.

Branch Collection report

Branch collection report means we can view all branches Paid LR payments and payable amount.

Sales Summary Report

We can view user based overall transaction summary with booked date and transaction date filter.

Vendor booking report

we can view the particular vendor based booking report.

User Transaction report

User based transactions with Extra filters like Cargo status,Cargo payment status, Booked date, Transaction date.

Agent collection report

Shows the collections details based on the Loaded date for a branch.

Agent Booked collection report

Shows the collections details based on the Booked date for a branch.

On Behalf Of Booking and delivery Report

Sometimes users will do booking and delivery for other user. So based on that we can take reports.

Cargo Delivery Report

cargo delivery report means we can view delivery marked or updated LR’s.

Daily Booking report

Daily booking report means agents can view same branch and same station booking and delivery LR list. Based on permissions other users can view all transactions.

Local transit report

We can view within city local transit loaded & unloaded details.

OGPL report

We can view the previous days & overall OGPL Details in one report with all details.

Profit and Loss report

Vehicle or branch based income expense reports.

Vehicle revenue report

Based on OGPL Load Vehicle assign we can view the total frieght and all other charges.

Pickup & Delivery report

If select door pickup and door delivery on booking page we can view list of LR’s

User Right & Permission Report

View list of permissions you have setup for all your users.

Cancellation Report

We can view cancelled LR details with cancelled date and user details.

GST collection report

We can view State Wise GST & Non GST LR Details with Summary.

Login History Report

View the login history of every user accessed so far.

Sales By Branch

View overall sales done by each branch

Godown / Warehouse
Godown / warehouse stock report

User can view Godown / Warehouse stock availability report.

Cargo life cycle report

User can view entire flow of LR booking details in this cargo life cycle report

Vendor due report

We can view vendor payment pending details and last transaction date.

SMS utilization report

we can view sample SMS details which sent to customers.


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